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Kat Files


SAG-AFTRA, EQUITY, B.F.A in Dance (Fordham University/The Ailey School)

Agency: Parts Models

Personal Summary

  • Professional dancer with EMERGE125 (NY, NY)

  • Experience as a model, actress, dance instructor, choreographer, & brand ambassador

  • Founder of  “The F.I.L.E.S. Arts Project,” a 501(c)3 Non-profit Arts Organization in Birmingham, AL.

  • Director or Education with EMERGE125, a 501(c)3 Non-profit hub for dance performance, creation, and education (NY, NY)

Professional experience

Concert Performance

  • EMERGE125 Collaboration with The Classical Theatre of Harlem                            Tiffany Rea-Fisher   Presents “Twelfth Night” - Dancer: July 5-29, 2022                                               Ty Jones/Carl Cofield

  • The FILES Arts Project Summer Showcase                                                                       Germaul Barnes  Dancer: June 2022

  • EMERGE125: Flea Theater Season                                                                              Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: May 2022

  • EMERGE125: The Joyce Theater Foundation’s Choreographers & Cocktails             Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: December 2021

  • EMERGE125: Nutcracker in a Nutshell                                                                        Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: November 2021

  • EMERGE125: Harlem Holiday Lights Parade                                                               Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: November 2021

  • EMERGE125: Little Island Dance Festival                                                                    Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: September 2021

  • EMERGE125: Bryant Park Picnic Performance                                                             Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: August 2021

  • Elisa Monte Dance: Film Project                                                                                    Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: August 2020

  • Juneteenth Juke Joint Virtual Performance                                                                          Erika Wade

       Dancer: June 19, 2020

  • No More Martyrs Virtual Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2020          Dr. Nadia M. Richardson    Dancer: May 30, 2020              

  • American Theater Group’s production of “Till” (Emmett Till)         Cezar Williams/Tiffany Rea-Fisher    Assistant Choreographer: Feb 27, 2020

  • Elisa Monte Dance performs during IABD in Philadelphia, PA                                   Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: January 17, 2020

  • Elisa Monte Dance performs during APAP at Jazz at Lincoln Center                           Tiffany Rea-Fisher

       Dancer: January 11, 2020

  • Classical Theatre of Harlem’s “A Christmas Carol in Harlem”-   Ty Jones/Carl Cofield/Tiffany Rea-Fisher  Dancer: December 2019

  • Elisa Monte Dance 39th Flea Theater Season- Company Member: November 2019        Tiffany R. F.

  • ReCAST Baton Rouge, Louisiana presents Resiliency Summit:                                           Terri Wright    “Voices from the Bayou,” the stage play- Soloist: July 30, 2019

  • Elisa Monte Dance Collaboration with The Classical Theatre of Harlem                   Tiffany Rea-Fisher   Presents “The Bacchae” - Dancer: July 7-28, 2019                                                               Carl Cofield

  • National Action Network (Al Sharpton) Fashion Show & Dance Performance                Denzel Taylor   Model & Dancer: April 6, 2019

  • Ailey Extension Spring Horton Workshop Performance                                                     Terri Wright Dancer: March 23 and 24, 2019

  • Alabama School of Fine Arts Dance Department Fall Repertory                                 Germaul Barnes    Soloist: November 2018

  • Royce Files USC D.M.A. Recital - Soloist: October 2018                                               Germaul Barnes

  • “Sugar of the Floor” - Dancer: July 2018                                                                        Germaul Barnes

  • “OSHUN” Film - Dancer: April 2018                                                                                Germaul Barnes   

  • “RISE” Film Project - Dancer/Rehearsals: March-April 2018                                          Ebony Williams

  • Matheta Dance - Company Member: October 2017 - Present

  • “Cracks” for New York City’s Art Action Day - January 2018                                 Khensani Mathebula

  • “Keep Up & Keep On” Premiere - October 2017                                                   Khensani Mathebula

  • Felice Lesser Dance Theater - Company Member: “Lightning” November 2016             Felice Lesser  

  • Brooklyn Dance Festival - Company Member: 2015

  • Company Dance                                                                                                                             Sidra Bell

- Dancer

The Ailey School

"I Do"                                                                                                                                       Clarice Young

“Cryptic Seeds”                                                                                                          Norbert de la Cruz III        “Fellow Travelers”                                                                                                               Astrid Von Ussar “Blues Suite” Rep Workshop                                                                          Sylvia Waters & Troy Powell “Memoria”                                                            AAADT, Staged by Ronni Favors and Masazumi Chaya     
“Into the Void”                                                                                                                   Matthew Rushing       
“Hunger”                                                                                                                                 Sonia Dawkins       
“Journey”                                                                                                                             Ronald K. Brown       
“Mapping #2”                                                                                                                       Darshan Bhuller       
"in Between... Silence!"                                                                                                       Alexandre Proia       
“TwentySeven (for Jay)                                                                                                              Hope Boykin       
“Bite the Hand that Feeds You”                                                                                         Germaul Barnes       
“Capriccioso”                                                                                                                   Carlos Dos Santos       
“Eclipse: “Mission To The Moon”                                                                                              Troy Powell    


Commercial Dance

- Featured Dancer             

Music video for the International Music Group, Autograf                                                 November 2017


- University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)                                                                     Birmingham, AL

Collat School of Business: Social Media Certificate - Graduate, 2020-Present

- Fordham University/The Ailey School                                                                                       NY, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2015

- Hootsuite Platform Certification and Social Marketing Certification via Hootsuite, 2021

- Relevant Dance Coursework: Ballet, Horton, Graham, Jazz, West African, Ballet Partnering, Modern Partnering


- AAADT Summer Intensives (5 summers)   


- Daisha and Alicia Graf Arts Collective - Dance Workshop (2 years)   


- Bates Dance Festival; Resident Artist - Camille A. Brown


  • Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation Scholarship (4 year renewable undergraduate scholarship)

  • Prix d'Excellence de Dance Award- Highest award given in Dance at Alabama School of Fine Arts

  • Awarded numerous scholarships to attend summer intensives

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